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Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil vs Moroccan Oil

Jan 8th, 2014 | Latest News | Comments Off


Aveda has just launched a new product called Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil. We were curious how it compared to the well know Moroccan ., so we did a little research and made this comparison chart for you to have a look at!

The Aveda Moisturizing Oil is 99.9% natural, one feature that really stands out against Moroccan Oil is the fact that there are no silicone’s in the Aveda product. The Moroccan oil claims to use the silicone’s for heat protection, however these silicone’s prevent the oil from absorbing properly into the hair. Thankfully the Aveda product is silicone free therefor the oil will be able to fully absorb into your hair leaving it amazingly hydrated, soft and shiny!

We are proud to represent a company that uses such great ingredients. This product is amazing, we hope you enjoy it too!

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Here is the comparison chart…